Monday, July 27, 2009


So being an artist is a lot more work than I had originally thought... I've come up with my plan, and have completed a first draft of my first stencil, I had even transferred my drawing to matte board but I had encountered a few problems with the image, parts looked a little off and it definitely needed something. After browsing the forums at (which I am now officially a member of) I realized that my one layer stencil was the root of my problem, as it only allowed me to show one level of highlights or low lights... I've re-created my design to include 3 layers and will hopefully have photos up sometime soon. I haven't drawn it out on matte board, but will begin working on that in the next couple of weeks...

While researching, browsing and finding inspiration I looked through some of my old graff books I had laying around and have fallen in love all over again with some of the artists I never knew about before. One of the artists I've come to really enjoy is a female artist by the name of Swoon. She is from New York City and and creates life-size paper cut out portraits. They look similar to stencils but rather than painting the negative space through the page she posts the whole page on the wall. Her cut outs are generally one color but the detail is added after via pen or marker. The image included here is from a piece she pasted while in Berlin, Germany.

I like the idea of pasting cut-outs similar to stenciling a lot and once attempted to do something similar with a picture of John Lennon - I'm sure this idea will find its way into my graffiti at some point.

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