Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the studio.

As promised here are a few pictures of the studio. We set up in an old garage so please excuse all the storage and mess. The basic set up has matte board storage on one side, an old bedroom dresser for storage (our art supplies are stacked on top) the couch cuts the room in half (provides me a place to rest, relax and smoke) and in front of that with enough room to walk around freely is the table with C's easel set up. See more below.

This is taken from the front of the studio (at the garage door) - most of the actual "art" supplies belong to C - as do the canvas'. The bags to the left of the couch contain matte board which is what I will be creating my stencils in. You can see the couch there, it's pretty comfy and I'm glad it's there for when I take breaks.

This is taken from right behind the couch. You can see a bit more of the studio, some of the storage space and the table set up. C's easel is taking up most of the space now, but I have another small table set up behind the couch where I can grid my matte's. I've gridded off a 18" x 13.5" matte board that I'm currently preparing a stencil design for. Hopefully I can have some photos of some actual tags up in the next couple of weeks.

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