Monday, June 29, 2009

the far north.

It's crazy living in Northern Alberta (even crazier living in the territories and further north I'd imagine...) because there is very little night. I was out late an evening not to long ago and happened to notice how short the period with true night-time darkness was. It started at around 1:30-2:00 am and ended no later than 3:00 am. Then the sun that just went down began to rise again... - This means that if I want to paint under the comfort of dark skies and black clothing I'm probably not going to be heading out for another couple of weeks. That's good for me, gives me time to create some more stuff and plan my locations and plus the days will be shorter again (Summer Soulstice is just shortly passed).

Today though, I think I'm going to clean up the studio space, set up the couch, tables and C's easel/paint supplies. She hasn't painted in a while and her show in March is definitely creeping up. Plus, then I can use the space to make stencils and the such. When I finish I'll snap a few photos and include them in my next post.

Also, I registered for twitter today, follow me: !

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My name is Fastforwords and I'm a new artist located in Alberta, Canada. I wanted a place to keep track of my stories, ideas and projects and this seems as good a place as any. I hope to keep updating this regularly as I continue to work and develop my art. Peace.